A “Certificate of Completion” from PhilHealth

11 Jan

I just received my “Certificate of Completion” in Philhealth.

I spent there my first 100 hours of on-the-job training. I’m so happy that I was able to finish it. Well, in my stay there, I’ve learned so much from them, from their IT officers and from other employees. I learned new things from them both from the things I’ve done and for those experiences they have generously shared, especially in our field of study which for sure might help me in choosing my future career. They let me experience the feeling of working as an IT officer and I really felt that and so glad about it. Working in Philhealth is one of a kind experience and Im so thankful for those employees there as well as other OJTs whom became my friends during my stay there and will always be.

I’m so happy as the HR handed me my “Certificate of Completion”. With my name their printed in a coupon bond sealed with their company’s logo, I’m so proud with myself. The 100 hours of hard work is now given a price.

I said to myself , “Good job Alvin!

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