One Great Saturday

14 Jan

Today, I had a great time with ate Pam, Jeff, and Roan. After my class, we went to San Fabian(house of Jeff) for we have decided last Saturday that we will going to celebrate there the 22nd birthday of ate pam, provided that jeff’s house is near the San Fabian beach.

in the sofa

Ate pam brought graham cake which first I thought it’s a “nilatikan”, and a spaghetti with not enough amount of sauce which makes it looks so pale yet tastes good naman.What’s funny about it is that she was able to fit the two plastic containers in her shoulder bag..So amazing right? pwede naman nyang ilagay iyon in a plastic bag and carry it on her way ( 😀 ).Well, Though we only shared only these simple or small amount of food, masaya naman kami as we eat together while talking and laughing with some topics that we have touched. I can’t share those things we have talk about but what I can say is that they are open and fearless on providing their comments on some sensitive topics. They have shared their experiences and were generous enough to give their side, especially for ate pam and jeff. What I can say with our simple and serious discussions is that very balance, no malice, not so bad that will come to that point that you’ll say it’s “bastos”. Even a little, educational naman and honestly I learned something new from them which I am sure these cannot be found or learned in the four corners of the classroom.

After we eat and some sorts of discussion, we have then decided to go in the beach,… of course like what friends usually do,.” picture picture! ” – trying to capture the moments and for FB na rin, actually we have decided to have the same plot of profile pictures in our account, so maybe you’ll notice that for the next few days.


Jeff brought his motor bike which we used in going to the area. Ate Pam and Roan decided na i-try paandarin ung motor. And so , they take the opportunity na magpraktis mag motor. Ate pam first tried it, sa umpisa syempre hindi masyado ok pero nung nagtagal naman, tama na rin kahit papano. Roan comes next, same with ate pam, at first not ok and sa huli naging ok na rin. After the two, they insisted me to try it also. Honestly it’s my first time ,and for maybe I didn’t even included it in my “To Learn” list. So when the time I sat on it and start rolling the clutch, surprisingly it starts moving straight ahead, not moving straightly in the right path but moving towards the seawater…todo awat naman si jeff sa kamay ko, nasaktan pa siya, good thing he was able to remove my hand because if not, bagsak namin is sa tubig at nabasa kami ng di oras. ( 😀 ) I laughed with my mistake and partly shocked for a short time and I realize, it’s very awkward.

After we laughed at with our fun experience with the motor bike, Roan and Jeff decided to swim. Of course, hindi ako naligo, I didn’t planned for it at tsaka ang mali pa ay nakasapatos pa ako at this kind of venture, Im with my pants also and I did not bring any extra shirts so I said to myself, “I will not go swimming!“. While the two enjoys there stay in the beach water, Ate Pam and I ay papicture – picture lang,… parang hindi nagkakasawaan sa face – something like that. After maligo ng dalawa, after naming magpicture-picture with Roan and Jeff as our ala Model..we packed up our things and leave the area…

All in all, we have enjoyed the moments together, are friendship was made stronger and the experience shared were things worth to be remembered. This one fun experience is a proof of our lasting relationships as friends. I can find the meaning of ” friendships ” with them. Magaan silang kasama and somehow my sadness that day faded away.

I’ll finish the story by leaving a pick-up line:

“Sana hindi kau mga bituin”


“Kasi, baka mawala kau pagdating ng araw eh!”




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3 responses to “One Great Saturday

  1. pamelaolaguer

    February 22, 2012 at 2:45 AM

    22nd bday k jan..!!!!
    porke b san fabian ang location,22 n agad?
    nd b pwdeng “21” muna??niman…boom!!!
    hahhahaha…binata p lang c ate.

  2. pamelaolaguer

    February 27, 2012 at 2:44 AM

    bakit?porke ba my araw, wla n ang mga bituin?d umaalis ang mga bituin, natatakpan lang ng sobrang liwanag…pero consistent nmn, anjan pa rin…hahahaha…boom!!

    • alvinu

      February 27, 2012 at 1:00 PM



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