Our Yellow Cab Story

20 Jan

Thank God it’s Friday!

Friday marks the end of the long weekdays and it’s one great day to spend time with your friends – to have some time talking with them, sharing what you’ve got from the weekdays… to hang out with them and have some fun.

Today, after my midterm examination in my minor subject, I decided to join with ate Pam and Shane as they invited me to go out with them. That was lunch time and so we have decided to dine in the recently opened branch of “Yellow Cab Pizza Co.” in Dagupan City.

yellow cab pizza co.

And so we…

Order, eat, and take out

I can’t decide what to order…

True, foods on the menu were all so expensive. We can’t even decide what to order since almost all the foods looks so delicious.
– Still in the end, we have decided to order one “Hawaiian pizza” and “Spaghetti and meatballs”.
  • EAT
The spaghetti was first brought on our table.
And, after five minutes, here comes the Hawaiian Pizza…
Somehow, we enjoyed the foods. They taste good especially the pizza.
take out
Shane decided to take out the three remaining slices of pizza.
-We went back to school with our stomach so full.
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