Will I Be More Lucky This Year 2012?

23 Jan

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Today is a holiday! We celebrate the “Chinese New Year” here in the Philippines. This is a great celebration especially for Chinese as well as for our Filipino-Chinese brothers and sisters.

This 2012 is the “Year of the Black Water Dragon”. Will this year be a lucky year for me? 😀 . Well, I hope so.


Actually, I tried to read some of the post in the web something about my Chinese Zodiac and gladly, some of the reviews I found was good.

I was born year 1992 thus, I belong to the “Year of the Monkey”.


The monkey sign people possess: intelligence, imaginative, humorous, curious, sneaky and clever. The people falling under the monkey zodiac sign seems to be very jolly and witty to make amusable pranks. They will be active in performing work with full of energy.


Based from those I have read from the internet as well as watched from television shows, those who were born in Year of the Monkey will be lucky this 2012.

Below, are some of the reviews or forecast about those who were born in “Year of the Monkey” :

– “This year will bring the tranquilly and serenity in your life so that you can fix the mistakes of past year calmly. You just have to be what you are and don’t try to pretend what you are not exactly.”

“The Chinese horoscope 2012 reveals that this year you will head towards new moves and begin new ventures to make your career. They have innate quality to obtain given task within the time period. The five metals of environment earth, sky, water, fire, and wood would help you to explore new opportunities to get succeed in your life. Almost all your efforts will be fructified this year but keep on your hard work because sometimes you get depressed as per Chinese horoscope 2012.”

– “The year 2012 of the Black Water Dragon will be good for learning, Monkey can take a specialization, or start learning a new profession. A representative of this zodiac sign should always learn something new. An interest in something unknown and unusual will lead him the way even more than ambitious intentions or ambitions.”

– “Monkey may achieve much more in life, and even enter into a better, new orbit of his life, much more successful and faster than the rest of the zodiac signs. Due to the fact that with all impulsiveness, Monkey is still quite cautious, and would not let go of one branch until he grabs another more solid one. His status and financial well-being will not be exposed to all-out risk, his wisdom and foresight will not allow him stake and lose everything.”

About Love:

– “In early 2012, Monkey will have a lot of affairs that he will just forget about romance. But to his/her credit, he/she will try to maintain harmony in a relationship, inviting a partner to work together with him/her.”

“Single Monkey may meet his/her love before the new year.”

Almost all the reviews were great and I’m so happy about it. Well, there’s nothing wrong and nothing will be lost if we believe with these. Actually, I just consider them as a guide and I’m not totally devoting myself or simply following totally all this guide. We still have what they call “free will” which really a nice gift from above especially in making a decision in life particularly on what path to travel.

Indeed, luck or fortune would be nothing or won’t come to you instantly if you’re just sitting there or not moving. True luck really comes from the person – It’s a combination of hard work and determination! Also, for a more blessed and prosperous year, we should always remember to pray…

I’m looking forward for a happy, prosperous, and very fortunate year 2012.

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